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GST II Black 20bar 16x27

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GST II Black 20 bar is a medium pressure mutlipurpose hose designed to handle air, mild chemicals and water. The EPDM tube compound is specially formulated so to withstand oil mist which is an added value for this typology of products and a real benefit for your stock control. Thanks to this peculiarity it is ideal for air tool lubricant systems where together with air there are traces of oil. Last but not least it is an optimal product for Aftermarket and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) channels.  



• Industrial

• Construction

• Agriculture



• Nitrosamine free compounds to protect the natural environment and the quality of life

• Permanent fittings capability to guarantee a more efficient and reliable performance

• All sizes available in our stock to provide you a rapid service and take advantage of any opportunity

• Design Factor 4:1 enhances the safety of operators and equipment



• Air tooling

• General industrial

• Water transfer


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